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Travis Ames
posted this on July 10, 2012, 09:55

Can I use myERP with Google Apps?

Yes you can!  To add myERP to your Google Apps account, please visit

How do I get support for the old application?

All old application accounts were migrated to the new application, so there is no more support for old accounts.

What countries does myERP support?

Currently we have a version of myERP for the United States, France, United Kingdom, and China.  You are free to use myERP in other countries, but because of regional variations, it may or not work correctly according to local business laws.

My account is in the wrong language.  How do I change it?

When you choose a country during sign-up, the language of your account is set to the primary language of that country and is not changeable.  Because each country is very different, an account cannot be changed from one country to another.  You will need to sign up for a new account and select the correct country.

Can I customize printing templates?

Template customization

You can customize your sales documents from the preview of the according document. To enter the customization menu, please create a new sales document or select an existing one and click on the print button to open the preview.

Click on "customize" (right side on top) and start to personalize your document!

The user manual, only explains how to customize your invoice, but please be aware that other documents can be customized the same way!

Company Name and Logo

Company information such as Company Name, Address and Logo are updated in Company Settings.

Printing Language

You can also and choose the language in which your documents are printed within Company Settings.

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